The story of Monastery Garden Prague

The story of the Monastery Garden Hotel has been written since the beginning of 2021. Until then, the hotel operated by Kačka and Petr Kotík, was known under the name of Casa Marcello. Casa Marcello, was one of the first opened hotel in Prague after the revolution. Awarded one of the best in the 90s and proudmember of the prestigious global hotel chain Concorde. 

Renaming the hotel was preceded by lengthy considerations and the various proposals. The aim was to bring guests the essence of the unique site, which is near the monastery Sv. Agnes and the existence of the garden, courtyards and balconies. We are aware, that now more than ever, guests are looking for privacy, comfort, tranquility and a family atmosphere. Several reconstructions took a place,  but it was still difficult to attract Czech guests with the Italian name. However guests were pleasantly surprised by the reality from the expectations they had associated with the original name.

Monastery Garden in Krumlov

It was no coincidence that at that time the Monastery Garden already existed in Český Krumlov. This lovely hotel was operated by Kamila and Petr, now our friends, who take great care of their guests. 

They agreed to use their name and the whole brand identity. Thus began a beautiful cooperation, which we appreciate very much. You will definitely hear more about the connection between Prague and Krumlov. By the way, look on their web

Our vision

We would like the Hotel Monastery Garden to be a place where time stops for a bit. The sunny garden would enchant you with its calmness, slow pace and that you would fall asleep almost like at home in our cozy rooms. We would like you to feel a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly approach from the first contact and we will do our best to make you want to come back again.